Staff Newsletters


November 2019 - Social media recruiting, RARAs, local sports clubs, and NLI reminders
October 2019
- Recruiting materials and electronic correspondence, sports psychologists, NLI reminders, and redshirting
September 2019
- Official visits, fantasy football reminders, and away-from-home competition meals
August 2019
- Contacts and prospect competitions, appearance requests, practice hours, team calendars in ARMS, metrics report, CARA clearance, donation requests, tours, staff ticket requests, and coaches' recruiting lab
May 2019
- Unofficial visits, legislative updates, and ARMS transition
April 2019
- Student-athlete summer activities, general SDA staff members, strength and conditioning coaches (summer workouts), the transition to ARMS, NLI reminders, and international incomer reminders
March 2019
- Endorsing prospect teams, March madness, practice and competition activities, and the compliance cup
February 2019
- Legislative updates, outside individual competition, initial arrival to Tempe, and the compliance cup 
January 2019
- Volunteer coaches, reactions vs. tapbacks, in the news, and the compliance cup
December 2018
- Vacation period reminders, international student-athletes, holiday cards and gifts, and Pac-12 level III violations
November 2018
- Social media, RARAs, local sports clubs, and NLI reminders
October 2018
- Recruiting materials, sports psychologist, NLI reminders, redshirting, and notification of intent to transfer portal
September 2018
- Official visits, new notification of intent to transfer portal, fantasy football, and away-from-home competition meals
August 2018 - New NCAA legislation, CARA reminders, the metrics report, and fall eligibility clearance
Summer 2018 - Front Rush, compliance forms, coach/staff appearance requests, and TMP annual reviews
May 2018 - Unofficial visits, summer MIPs, and new NCAA legislation
April 2018 - Voluntary summer workout activities, general SDA staff members, NLI reminders, and the international student application deadline
March 2018 - Practice and competition activities for noncoaching staff members and student managers, transfer legislation feedback, metrics, March Madness, and film review with prospects
February 2018 - Siblings on official visits, ACS help, Autonomy proposals, and outside competition
January 2018 - Volunteer coaches, text message reactions, and prospects in the area of competition