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Impermissible Benefits

Although NCAA legislation specifically defines and categorizes different types of impermissible benefits (e.g., extra benefits and preferential treatment), the prohibition is generally the same: under most circumstances, student-athletes cannot receive goods or services based on their status as student-athletes. 

The following are examples of benefits that student-athletes are not permitted to receive:  

  • Cash and cost-free goods and services;
  • Special discounts, payment arrangements, or credit options for products or services if the same is not available to all ASU students;
  • Preferential treatment, benefits, or services based on a student-athlete’s athletics reputation, skill, or pay-back potential as a future professional athlete;
  • Payment for work not performed or at unreasonable levels; and
  • The purchase of items or services from student-athletes or their relatives at inflated prices.

Student-athletes who receive such benefits jeopardize their eligibility to compete in intercollegiate athletics.