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Transfer Information

Notification of Transfer

A student-athlete who wants to contact other schools regarding transferring must submit a notification of intent to transfer to the Compliance Office.  Once received, the Compliance Office has two business days to add the student-athlete’s information into a national transfer database accessible by other college coaches.

Until this process is complete it is impermissible for ASU student-athletes to communicate directly or indirectly (e.g., through former coaches) with other coaches.

Please note that, student-athletes who provide notification of intent to transfer may have their athletics financial aid modified, nonrenewed, or canceled in following semesters.

Student-athletes should review the Sun Devil Athletics Manual for more information on ASU transfer policies or contact the Compliance Office.

For more information, please review the NCAA's Guide for Four-Year Transfers.

All Other Transfer-Related Requests

For one-time-transfer exception, Pac-12 transfer waiver, or other transfer-related requests, the transferring student-athlete must make his or her request in writing to the Compliance Office.  If the request is denied, the student-athlete has the opportunity for hearing regarding the denial.  Student-athletes who have questions about these transfer-related requests should consult the Sun Devil Athletics Manual or contact the Compliance Office directly.  For questions related to the hearing process, student-athletes should contact the Faculty Athletics Representative.