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Academic Eligibility

To remain academically eligible, student-athletes must:

  1. Maintain full-time status:  Student-athletes must be enrolled in a full-time (minimum 12 credit hours) program of studies to remain eligible.  For this reason, student-athletes should be sure to consult their academic advisors before dropping a class.
  2. Fulfill credit-hour requirements:  Student-athletes must satisfactorily complete at least:
    1. 24 credit hours before the start of their second year (or third semester) of collegiate enrollment; and
    2. 18 credit hours since the beginning of the previous fall term or since the beginning of ASU’s preceding regular two semesters (excluding summer); and
    3. 6 credit hours during the preceding semester, except for football student-athletes during the fall semester who must complete 9 credits.
  3. Fulfill percentage-of-degree requirements: Beginning with their third year (or fifth semester) of enrollment, student-athletes must have successfully completed a percentage of course requirements in their degree programs to remain eligible for that year. Those percentages are as follows:   
    1. Third year (or fifth semester) – 40 percent (this equates to 48 credit hours for most programs at ASU);
    2. Fourth year (or seventh semester) – 60 percent (this equates to 72 credit hours for most programs at ASU); and
    3. Fifth year (or ninth semester) – 80 percent (this equates to 96 credit hours for most programs at ASU).
  4. Fulfill grade-point-average requirements: Student-athletes must meet the following GPA requirements:
    1. Competition eligibility:
      1. At least a 1.80 GPA for the third and fourth semesters (second year);
      2. At least a 1.90 GPA for the fifth and sixth semesters (third year); and
      3. At least a 2.00 GPA as they enter their seventh and eighth semesters (fourth year) and, if applicable, ninth and tenth semesters (fifth year).
    2. Practice eligibility: At least a 1.60 GPA for scholarship student-athletes.

Student-athletes should check with the Office of Student-Athlete Development if they have any questions regarding the number of credit hours they need within their specific degree programs.