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Sports Wagering Activities

NCAA legislation prohibits SDA student-athletes and staff members from gambling or wagering on any sport (amateur, professional, or otherwise) in which the NCAA conducts a championship or bowl game. The legislation defines wagering as any arrangement in which an individual agrees to give up anything of value (e.g., cash, shirt, meal) in exchange for the possibility of gaining another thing of value.  Thus, the NCAA gambling prohibition would apply to pools or fantasy leagues that require fees to enter and provide entrants opportunities to win prizes or money.  Additionally, SDA student-athletes and staff members are prohibited from:

  • Providing any information (e.g., reports concerning team morale, game plans, or injuries to team members) to individuals involved in organized gambling activities (including informal pools) concerning intercollegiate athletics.
  • Engaging in any activities designed to illegally influence the outcome of an intercollegiate contest (e.g., point-shaving).

An individuals failure to abide by this legislation can result serious penalties such as permanent ineligibility for student-athletes and loss of employment for staff members.

For more information, click here for the NCAA's Don't Bet On It website or watch the video below:

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