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Sun Devil Compliance

What boosters can do

What boosters can do may depend on whether they are interacting with a prospective or enrolled student-athlete:

What boosters CAN do for or with ASU prospects:

  • Attend high school, community college, and public events in which prospects are participating so long as they do not attempt to contact or recruit prospects while they are there.
  • Continue established family relationships with prospects, their parents, and their relatives if the conversations are unrelated to Sun Devil Athletics and attendance at ASU.
  • Accept calls from prospects.
    • So long as the calls are not for recruiting purposes (e.g., not directed or arranged by SDA staff members); and
    • There is no discussion of athletics during the call.

What boosters CAN do for or with ASU student-athletes:

  • Speak with student-athletes at games, events, banquets, etc.
  • Host an occasional home meal for a student-athlete or an entire team, but only if:
    • The booster receives prior approval by the Compliance Office and head coach (through completion of necessary paperwork available in ARMS); and
    • The meal occurs at the booster’s home or on the ASU campus, not at an off-campus restaurant.
  • Send a birthday, graduation, or holiday greeting so long as the greeting does not include any money, gift cards, or presents.
  • Accompany a student-athlete to a movie, play, sporting event, or other form of entertainment.  The student-athlete must, however, pay his/her own expenses, including the cost of transportation, admission, food, etc.
  • Employ a student-athlete so long as all of the steps outlined here are followed.