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What boosters can’t do


In accordance with the preliminary injunction issued by the Eastern District of Tennessee (federal court), for the time being, the Two Booster Rules – i.e. no recruiting and no gifts – do not apply to boosters, NIL collectives, or other third (non-ASU) parties when it comes to contacting prospective student-athletes for the sole purpose of negotiating potential NIL deals.

A few things that have not changed about NIL negotiations with prospects: (1) all potential agreements must be for actual services rendered (in other words, they must be quid pro quo agreements), (2) universities and their affiliates (e.g., alumni associations, institutional foundations, MMR partners whether or not they are departments of the university) are prohibited from negotiating or entering into NIL agreements with prospects, and (3) boosters cannot enter into communications with potential transfers until they are in the transfer portal (and therefore become prospects again).

What boosters CANNOT do for or with ASU prospects or student-athletes:

  • Provide transportation to a prospect or student-athlete or loan an automobile to a student-athlete host for a prospect’s use during an official paid visit.
  • Provide or cosign for a loan.
  • Allow the use of a telephone or other personal property (e.g., boat, home, car, computer, iPad).
  • Give cash or allow the use of a credit card.
  • Provide free or reduced-cost entertainment, services, or products.
  • Provide free or reduced-cost lodging.
  • Provide academic assistance.
  • Give a gift of any kind for any reason, including birthdays and holidays.
  • Purchase items or services from prospects, student-athletes, or their relatives at inflated prices.

Additional restrictions relating to prospects

NCAA rules more strictly regulate booster activities involving prospects than activities involving student-athletes.The following are other things that boosters cannot do when it comes to interacting with prospects that are not within the scope of entering into an NIL deal:

  • Engage in any recruiting activities.
  • Host a meal for a prospect.
  • Contact a prospect through social media.
  • Arrange for or finance a prospect’s unofficial visit to ASU.

Note, please visit the "What boosters can do" page found by clicking here for more information relating to NIL deals with prospects.