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What boosters can’t do

What boosters CANNOT do for or with ASU prospects or student-athletes:

  • Provide transportation to a prospect or student-athlete or loan an automobile to a student-athlete host for a prospect’s use during an official paid visit.
  • Provide or cosign for a loan.
  • Allow the use of a telephone or other personal property (e.g., boat, home, car, computer, iPad).
  • Give cash or allow the use of a credit card.
  • Provide free or reduced-cost entertainment, services, or products.
  • Provide free or reduced-cost lodging.
  • Provide academic assistance.
  • Give a gift of any kind for any reason, including birthdays and holidays.
  • Purchase items or services from prospects, student-athletes, or their relatives at inflated prices.

Additional restrictions relating to prospects

NCAA rules more strictly regulate booster activities involving prospects than activities involving student-athletes.The following are other things that boosters cannot do when it comes to interacting with prospects:

  • Engage in any recruiting activities.
  • Host a meal for a prospect.
  • Contact a prospect through social media.
  • Arrange for or finance a prospect’s unofficial visit to ASU.