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Sun Devil Compliance

National Letter of Intent

  1. The agreement: An NLI is a binding agreement that, once signed by a prospective student-athlete and his or her parent/legal guardian, requires the prospective student-athlete to attend the signing institution for one academic year, provided the prospective student-athlete meets all applicable university, conference, and NCAA regulations for the receipt of aid.  The NLI must be accompanied by a financial aid agreement, which serves as the institution’s commitment to provide financial aid for a designated period. 
  2. Satisfaction of the NLI terms: A prospective student-athlete satisfies the NLI terms by attending, full-time, the signing institution for one academic year or by graduating from a junior college (if during the NLI period, the prospective student-athlete chooses to attend a junior college).
  3. Recruiting ban after signing: All colleges and universities that participate in the NLI program are prohibited from recruiting a prospective student-athlete once he or she signs an NLI.  The recruiting ban remains in effect until the prospective student-athlete enrolls at the signing institution (once he or she has becomes a student-athlete additional NCAA legislation restricts contact from other institutions).  If the prospective student-athlete does not enroll, the ban is lifted after the signing institution’s next academic year has elapsed.
  4. The NLI penalty: A prospective student-athlete who does not attend the signing institution or attends the institution for less than one full academic year is prohibited from representing the second institution in athletics competition until s/he completes one academic year in residence at the second institution.  Additionally, the prospective student-athlete will lose a season of competition in all sports.
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