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COVID-19-Related Athletics Rules and Policy Updates

We created this page to serve as a resource for all SDA stakeholders (particularly our administrators, coaches, institutional staff members, and student-athletes) regarding COVID-19-related legislative and policy updates. 

Here, you will find the latest Compliance Office update emails, NCAA and Pac-12 Conference compliance-related announcements and materials, and any other materials we believe may be of interest to our stakeholders.

If you have questions, let us know.

And as always, Ask First. 

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Compliance Office Update -- 04.16.2021

The COVID-related dead period will end June 1. All sports will return to their typical recruiting calendars on June 1. For more information on each sport's recruiting calendar, please click here. And more information on the end of the dead period can be found here.

Compliance Office Update -- 02.17.2021

The dead period has been extended through May 31, 2021. 

Compliance Office Update -- 11.18.2020

The dead period has been extended through April 15, 2021. 

Compliance Office Update -- 10.14.2020


The NCAA DI Council has introduced legislation for a January 2021 membership vote relating to NIL and a one-time transfer exception in all sports. 

In addition, winter sports (basketballs, ice hockey, gymnastics, swimming/diving, and wrestling) have joined the fall sports in receiving a blanket waiver to allow the student-athletes to receive an extra year of eligibility (and 5-year clock extension if necessary).

Compliance Office Update -- 09.17.2020

The dead period has been extended through January 1, 2021.

Election day: No CARAs may occur on November 3.

Compliance Office Update -- 08.13.2020

The dead period has been extended through at least September 30.

Compliance Office Update -- 07.23.2020

The 8-hour weeks of virtual team meetings continues through August 19 (day before classes start).

Compliance Office Update -- 07.14.2020

The dead period has been extended through at least August 31.

The 8-hour weeks of virtual team meetings continues through July 31.

The COVID-19 NCAA Q&A continues to provide flexibility to provide housing and meals to student-athletes for health and safety purposes. 

The NCAA DI Council is working through outside competition questions for the fall semester for those student-athletes who may not make it back to campus. 

Compliance Office Update -- 05.30.2020

Coaches and other staff members,

The NCAA Council Coordination Committee released modified emergency legislation relating to, among other things, voluntary workouts. As described below, that legislation addressed the first date on which student-athletes may return to campus and also modified existing rules relating to strength and conditioning coach (limited) observation of virtual workouts for health and safety reasons. Please also see below regarding virtual team meetings, the dead period extension, and questions regarding student-athlete benefits (e.g., housing and meals) during the summer period.

*As a reminder, summer voluntary workout rules are highlighted in the NCAA’s COVID-19 Q&A found here. Those rules, also summarized below, apply to these voluntary workouts:

With the exceptions below, coaches and staff members may not direct or observe student-athletes participating in these voluntary activities.

  • Exception – S&C coaches may design and conduct in-person specific S&C workout programs for student-athletes;

But S&C coaches may not be present during voluntary athletically related activities (e.g., open gym, pickup games, 7-on-7).

  • Exception – Coaches in safety-exception sports may be present to provide safety-related (not skill) instruction during voluntary athletically related activities.

But the coaches may not observe S&C workouts.

  • Exception – Coaches for individual sports may participate in individual workouts with student-athletes.

But the workouts must be requested by the student-athlete.

  • Exception – Staff members may be present for reasons incidental to job responsibilities either in supervising the use of the facility (e.g., facilities staff, manager) or to ensure the health and safety of the student-athletes (e.g., trainer, medical staff).

But these individuals may not report back any information to the coaches and staff.

Questions about student-athlete benefits

As always, if you have any questions about Covid-19-related flexibility as it pertains to benefits, please let us know. Questions related to housing upon arrival should be directed to the sport administrator.