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ASU Agent Registration Process

All agents must be registered with ASU before they will be allowed to contact any student-athlete.  ASU’s general registration process is set forth below.  The football-specific supplement (regarding timing and manner of communication) can be found here.

ASU’s General Agent Registration Process

  1. Complete ASU’s Agent Registration Form (or a renewal thereof) and include registrations for all employees, including runners, who may assist in the recruitment of ASU student-athletes.  Please contact Erika Torrez at erika.torrez@asu.edu with any questions.
  2. ASU’s Athletics Compliance Office will determine whether to grant or deny the registration or to seek additional information from the applicant.  Grounds for denial include, but are not limited to:
    1. Prior conduct involving fraud, misrepresentation, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, theft, or similar behavior.
    2. Prior conduct involving violations of the rules and regulations of ASU, the NCAA or an NCAA Conference, a professional league, a players’ association, a state, or any other relevant regulatory or governing body.
    3. Any other conduct which, in the Compliance Office’s discretion, adversely affects the competence, credibility, or integrity of the registrant to serve as a student-athlete’s agent.
  3. If ASU denies or revokes an agent’s registration request, ASU will take reasonable actions to discourage contact between ASU student-athletes and the agent concerning matters of potential agent representation. The agent will not be permitted to enter ASU’s property for the purposes of seeking to represent student-athletes.
  4. Upon approval of an agent’s registration request, the agent will receive written notice of registration and will be subject to the continuing requirements of this policy and enjoy the benefits associated therewith.
    1. Such notice will not be considered an endorsement or recommendation of the agent by ASU, nor is it evidence of an agent’s qualifications or abilities to effectively represent student-athletes and the agent may not hold out otherwise.
    2. Acceptance of registration will not confer liability upon ASU for any acts by or the conduct of the agent.
  5. Agents must maintain the completeness and accuracy of their registration information throughout the duration of their registration.
  6. Agent registration will be valid for two years, at the conclusion of which an agent desiring continued registration must complete an Agent Renewal Form that will be valid for another two-year period.