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Football Agent Supplement (contact timeline)

Football Agent Contact Timeline

  1. Underclassmen (rising freshmen, sophomores, and juniors):  Whether contact will be permitted is at the discretion of the head football coach and, if permitted, must occur in accordance with NCAA and NFLPA rules and in the time frame set forth below for rising seniors in the spring and seniors in the fall.
  2. Rising seniors in the spring and seniors in the fall:
    1. All face-to-face contact or in-person meetings between agents and student-athletes are prohibited except during the following meeting periods and pursuant to the accompanying rules:

      1. Meeting periods:

        1. Spring Interview Week:  One-week period after ASU’s Spring Game; or
        2. December Interview Period:  After the date of ASU’s last regular season game (or the Pac-12 Championship, if ASU is a participant) during an appropriate timeframe within the discretion of the head coach.
      2. All meetings during these periods must be:

        1. Scheduled through the Compliance Office; and
        2. Held in ASU facilities.
    2. Other contacts (e.g., telephone, email, text) are permitted provided the agent notifies the Compliance Office before the first contact.