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What are the NCAA rules relating to recruiting visits?

Types of visits – official and unofficial.

A visit to ASU is considered an official visit if any part of the visit (other than complimentary admissions to a home athletics event) is financed by ASU.  An unofficial visit is any visit to ASU that is made at a prospective student-athlete’s own expense. 

Rules for official and unofficial visits.

There are numerous NCAA rules that govern the conduct of an official visit to a member institution, like ASU.  Those rules have been incorporated into ASU’s official visit policy and process.  Click here to review ASU’s official visit policy.

The only expenses that NCAA rules allow ASU to provide a prospective student-athlete on an unofficial visit are three complimentary admissions to a home athletics contest through the use of a pass list (not hard tickets).  Those admissions are for the exclusive use of the prospective student-athlete and those accompanying the prospective student-athlete on the visit. Please note that in all sports except basketball and football, an individual cannot make an unofficial visit to any NCAA Division I institution until September 1 of his or her junior year in high school.

Third party payment of visit expenses. 

The NCAA enforcement staff has indicated its intent to more closely monitor activities of prospective student-athlete unofficial visits to campuses.  With very little exception, NCAA rules do not allow individuals other than family members or legal guardians to finance unofficial visits.  The Compliance Office is happy to answer any questions relating to this topic.  You can email questions to SunDevilsAsk@asu.edu.