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Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) Activities

NCAA rules allow student-athletes to be compensated for the use of their names, images, or likenesses. An “NIL activity” is any business activity in which student-athletes are compensated in any way for the use of the student-athletes' NILs. Examples include personal athletically- or nonathletically-related businesses, social media influencing, promotional appearances, camps, lessons, and autograph sessions.

The NCAA's interim NIL policy, adopted on June 30, 2021, requires member institutions to follow their own state laws or create their own policies. Please click here for a Q&A relating to the NCAA's interim NIL policy. This deregulated area (previously addressed largely by NCAA Bylaw 12.5 promotional activity legislation) will likely be in place until student-athlete NIL rights are addressed through nationally applicable federal law or NCAA legislation.

Until such time, the NIL policy for ASU student-athletes can be found by clicking here. And click here for the Arizona state NIL law (providing NIL rights up to the full extent allowed by the NCAA). And finally, click here for the NCAA Board of Director's guidance relating to institutional involvement.

NCAA Prohibitions

Institutions and their representatives cannot use NIL regulations to circumvent NCAA Bylaws 13 or 16. In other words, NIL deals cannot be used to induce prospective student-athletes to attend ASU or compensate student-athletes for athletics performance. So, among other things, pay for NIL activities must be commensurate with the going rate for similar services. 

Policy Restrictions 

ASU's policy restricts student-athletes from engaging in NIL activities with entities involved in certain types of businesses or products. ASU's full list of restrictions and other NIL limitations are set forth in the policy. So please review the full policy, and contact SDA with any questions.   

NIL Activity Disclosure

It also mandates that student-athletes disclose the pertinent details of their NIL activities within ten business days of any NIL agreement, with a similar ten-day requirement to supplement those disclosures when NIL agreements are modified. Disclosures will now be submitted through Opendorse—please click here for instructions. 

Student-athletes who are determined to have violated NIL policies jeopardize their eligibility, so remember to Ask First!