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Athletics Participation Outside of ASU

NCAA legislation regulates Sun Devil student-athlete participation with non-ASU teams or as individuals (and not associated with ASU teams).

Limits on outside team participation

  • Competition:  Student-athletes are not permitted to participate in any competition on an outside team during the student-athlete’s declared NCAA playing season.  Any such competition will result in the loss of a student-athlete's eligibility at ASU for the remainder of the current (if applicable) and following academic years. 
  • Practice:  Student-athletes may be permitted to practice on an outside team; however, there may be limits on the number of student-athletes from ASU who may participate on any one outside team.

Limits on individual competition

Student-athletes are permitted to compete as individuals at any time.  Competition as an individual means the student-athlete is using his or her own equipment and apparel and is paying his or her own travel and entry expenses.  It also means the student-athlete is not receiving coaching from an ASU coach during the competition.

Every sport has specific regulations and/or exceptions that relate to student-athletes participation in non-ASU activities throughout the academic year and summer.  Student-athletes must consult and receive approval from the Compliance Office and their head coach before engaging in any non-ASU competition.