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Outside Consultants

NCAA legislation permits institutions to use outside consultants for noncoaching tasks.  Teams risk exceeding countable coach limitations if outside consultants engage in coaching activities by doing any of the following:

  • Providing technical or tactical instruction to a student-athlete;
  • Making or assisting in making tactical decisions during on-court/on-field practice or competition; or
  • Recruiting off campus on behalf of ASU.

The Compliance Office and SDA Administration, in coordination with campus offices, must review all outside consultants.  Thus, coaches and staff members who want to use an outside consultant must complete Outside Consultant Request form (ARMS access available here) and receive approval before the consultant starts working with SDA.

In addition, the team or department using the consultant must complete the Employee-Independent Contractor Determination Checklist and the outside consultant must register as a vendor with ASU (available here) before the consultant can be paid.