NCAA legislation permits ASU to provide certain types of awards to student-athletes for participation and other achievements.  A summary chart from the NCAA Division I Manual listing the types of permissible awards is available here.

At ASU, awards are approved by the Compliance Office to determine whether they meet NCAA legislation, as generally outlined here:

  • Normal retail value must be used when calculating an award’s value. 
  • Only student-athletes who are eligible to compete in an event may receive awards in connection with that event.
  • Awards must be uniform, but can be by category (e.g., all seniors receive the same award).
  • Student-athletes are prohibited from making any arrangement to contribute money, even voluntarily, to the cost of an award.
  • Award categories may not be combined (e.g., combining $225 underclassman participation award with $375 NCAA tournament participation award to purchase a $600 award would be impermissible).